Wednesday, January 12, 2005

new haiga at my site

I've posted a new haiga (haiku with picture) at my web site. Inspired by Paul & Mary Mena's collaborations, I purchased a camera and started tinkering with my own haiku and photos.

The photograph is of poet/author Lenard D. Moore from Raleigh, NC. This picture was taken during a ginko (haiku walk) at The North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC on September 19th, 2004.

I composed the poem about a month later.

Monday, January 03, 2005

singing? me?

If I can get over this nagging cough, it looks like I may be singing solo and playing the guitar (along with some fine musicians) next Sunday night. The song I plan to do is by Third Day entitled Your Love O'Lord (Psalm 36).

I figured this song out last November while sitting in a motel room in Wilmington, NC. It's easy to play and a very beautiful song. I've jotted down the chords here...the chords for each line are in brackets. Sooo...for the aspiring musician that's a Third Day fan, here ya go:

Your Love O'Lord (Psalm 36)

lyrics by: Marc Powell / music by: Third Day

[Intro Chords:]



[G C G D/F#] Your Love O'Lord reaches to the heavens

[Em C G D/F#] Your faithfulness stretches to the sky

[Em C G D/F#] Your righteousness is like a mighty mountain

[Em C G D/F#] Your justice flows like the ocean's tide


[D C G] I will lift my voice to worship You my King

[D C Am7 D] I will find my strength in the shadow of Your wings

[Repeat Verse & Chorus:]

[Instrumental Break:]

G C G D/F#

Em C G D/F#

[Chorus 2 X:]

[Finish slowing down with:]

[G C G D/F#] Your Love O'Lord reaches to the heavens

[Em C G ] Your faithfulness stretches to the sky

For those new to playing guitar, a D/F# chord is just a D chord with your thumb added to the big E string at the F# (second fret) position.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

bloggin? who...me?

I'm not sure spilling my thoughts out on a page is for me...wait-a-minute! I already do that at http://webwiseguy.com

Will this be a waste of time? Time will tell.